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Welcome to EVEnatuur.nl. The aim of this website is to share my experiences, knowledge and insights, which may inspire you. It’s not about the person behind this website. It is about you. It is about useful and practical information to become more aware of your life, and your development. Food, garden and reflections have strong connections in these experiences. Some of these connections are not obvious.
The texts are written with the intention of constructing a bridge leading to happiness, contentment, love and joy in life. You can see each text as a part of this bridge which is built slowly. Each month there will be new materials to add to the construction of this bridge. Depending who you are and where you stand some insights will please you and others won’t. They could change your life. You can always choose for change; and yes this is a matter of choice and action.


Nature (in Dutch natuur) is about the landscape that surrounds us. Consequently we have a responsibility to take care of Nature. It is about living with the seasons, following the rhythm of nature. Living with the seasons or the natural landscape is valuable, because of the connection between Nature and human nature’s characteristics of the spirit, mind and heart. The effects of the seasons on human nature and moods can be observed when a person uses all of his or her senses.
In autumn, the leaves of the trees change colour. In the months to come they will fall. The weather can show different faces: storms, strong wind, beautiful sunny days reminiscent of summer and grey, dark rainy days. The Autumn crocus blooms, the smell of ripe apples and pears fills the air. Spiders appear in the morning in a moist web. Summer is gone, autumn has come. Squirrels harvest nuts for their winter stock, toads are returning to the forest. Life in nature is drawing back and slowing down.
Nature is certainly not limited to the food or biologically dynamic gardening in combination with. It contains also reflections about being human, awareness, change, soul, spirit, finding peace and happiness in life and other various subjects. I wish you a good time reading and hopefully enjoying the written texts.

The Season of autumn

Autumn is a period of changes and transformation. In trees and bushes the buds take their shape to open in spring.
People stay in the house when autumn shows its rains, storms and wind. When having an Indian Summer they enjoy intensively these last warm days outside. These days feel as a last goodbye of the summer.
The experiences of the summer, the journeys and holidays have past and now it is time to harvest. Changes take place, a person develops. The attention is directed alternately inwards and outwards, changing with the weather. The daily routine takes over most of life, with family and friends, school and jobs.
Chestnuts can be harvested in the forest. Carrots, beetroot, potatoes, and Hamburg parsley are stored for the winter. Lamb’s lettuce and winter purslane are the last fresh leaf vegetables together with chicory sugarloaf and a range of cabbages. The work in the garden is slowing down. The soil is taken care of with compost, rock dust grit and crushed seashell. The beds are mulched to limit the damage of rain and frost. Rye is sown to give the soil a green cover. The soil is warm because the heat of the summer is stored inside. Life in the soil is the most active in this period and roots develop well.
The evenings become longer, days shorten. The garden and nature follow a slower pace. Most birds fly to the south, geese fly to the north. Impressive V formations travel the sky. The sound of these geese calling each other fills the air. The nights become moist. In the morning mist banks can appear in the meadows. Leaves colour and fall down, landscapes change: it is autumn.

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Thank you very much for passing your time here. I wish that this season of autumn may give you abundance and a life of wealth and health, and that your harvest in all ways may be enriching. I wish you a life in which you develop the virtue of reason, the ability of distinction, the gift of patience and the value of knowing. I wish you light and love as your company on your path in life, giving you happiness, being and feeling blessed, in this changing season of autumn.