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Welcome to EVEnatuur.nl. The aim of this website is to share my experiences, knowledge and insights, which may inspire you. It’s not about the person behind this website. It is about you. It is about useful and practical information to become more aware of your life, and your development. Food, garden and reflections have strong connections in these experiences. Some of these connections are not obvious. The texts are written with the intention of constructing a bridge leading to happiness, contentment, love and joy in life. You can see each text as a part of this bridge which is built slowly. 
Depending who you are and where you stand some insights will please you and others won’t. They could change your life. You can always choose for change; and yes this is a matter of choice and action.


Nature (in Dutch natuur) is about the landscape that surrounds us. Consequently we have a responsibility to take care of Nature. It is about living with the seasons, following the rhythm of nature. Living with the seasons or the natural landscape is valuable, because of the connection between Nature and human nature’s characteristics of the spirit, mind and heart. The effects of the seasons on human nature and moods can be observed when a person uses all of his or her senses.

In spring you see how trees get their first leaves. Tulips are in flower, you smell the scent of lilac. A feeling of expectation awakes, renewal is in the air. Nature is certainly not limited to the food or biologically dynamic gardening in combination with permaculture. It contains also reflections about being human, awareness, change, soul, spirit, finding peace and happiness in life and other various subjects. I wish you a good time reading and hopefully enjoying the written texts.

The season of spring

Spring is a time of renewal. New projects start. The spring cleaning creates room in your house and your head. It is a time in which nature comes back to live and people start to go outside. It is a time of transitions and changes. The attention is alternately directed inwards or outwards. When the temperature is low, people stay inside the house, retreating from the cold. When the temperature rises people tend to go outside, meeting with others. Being in attuned with nature, a flow of new possibilities comes into your life: other people, new experiences, surprising encounters and opportunities.

The sap flows in the trees and hormones in your body run faster. A feeling of restlessness and expectation arises. Twigs bud, the first green leaves become visible. Labour in the garden starts. In the kitchen garden the weeds area removed, the soil manured and prepared for the new season. Bulbs planted in autumn come to flower. The first vegies can be harvested, rhubarb, spinach and green asparagus. Other vegetables are sown; birds make nests and lay eggs. You see ducks with chickens on the water. Toads travel to wet lands, berries flower and the smell of blossoms fills the air. Spring has started, new life, new possibilities, a new beginning.

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Thank you very much for passing your time here. I wish you that this spring shows you new opportunities and possibilities. That this spring you may realize a desired change of your personality and an improved contact with your soul and spirit. That light and love may be your company on your path in life, giving you happiness, being and feeling blessed, full of the joys of spring.